• Sceptical Readers Vs Speculative Writers.

    I have read some interesting discussions recently about science in SF novels, with readers talking about what they see as ridiculous, in some instances ‘deal breakers’ that cause them to dislike any given book that features those things that they see as impossible. This post is a response of sorts to that mentality.


    I think that I agree with those who speak of internal consistency. That is essential. Even then, I prefer the ‘science’ to have what I will call ”logical plausibility within context.” In other words, it must always have a theoretical rigor at its heart, even when it is total fantasy. It may be that current theory places a barrier at light speed. We have theories that are discussed in scientific circles which talk about how it might be passed (or at least worked around), but the generally accepted paradigm currently places the limit at light speed. So? if science can’t change it’s mind sometimes, it will never progress.


    There are strategic problems within a story regarding travel, etc. so a writer must choose the path they will take to address the problem. Some will employ generational star ships, some will employ worm holes, hyperspace, etc. I don’t have a problem, provided there is science and logic behind it. They don’t have to tell me the detailed physics of the thing with equations etc as long as I can see that logical plausibility in the way it is written.  Some modern writers may have failed at this, perhaps leading to the aversion some have to it.


    Science Fiction is the genre of ‘what if’, so if we use something that reaches beyond current understanding, we are in fact creating exactly what SF is here for. So if a writer has faster than light technology in their fictional universe, and that is consistent with other aspects, within a pseudo-historical progression of technology that they have applied to the work of fiction, AND that technology is internally consistent and follows a stream of logical thought in its operation, including consequences of improper operation etc, then there is no problem.


    We don’t have fusion generators yet. There are barriers we have been unable to overcome. Scientists are still working to find a way to create a reliable fusion generator, and they will continue until they do. It may not be front page stuff, but they are trying. They are also trying to prove the possibility of FTL movement (as seen by the recently debated maybe it went faster maybe it didn’t experiments with the large hadron collider). There are even fascinating things in the last decade or so looking at methods of teleportation, and yes some of those experiments have had fascinating and promising ramifications. This stuff IS being studied, it IS being experimented on, and perhaps one day they will break through the barriers and bring us astonishing new technologies. To deny that something is possible because we did not do it before? well that’s stupidity right there.


    Science has an exploratory curiosity at it’s heart that means at any given time, if you say “it’s impossible, it can not be done, this barrier will stop you”, somewhere a scientist or three will take that challenge and still try to break through that barrier. Heinlein said never underestimate the power of human stupidity. I say never underestimate the power of human ingenuity. In fact I strongly believe that to underestimate our ingenuity is to give a prime example of human stupidity, and sadly by staying positive and optimistic about the whole thing, I fear I am forgetting Heinlein’s sage advice!


    I can not say and will not say that nothing is impossible. Some things are at this time. However while we still do not know all that there is to know, I can not say that any single thing is not possible, given the appropriate conditions.


    The future has untold promise – bring it on!

  • Work in progress and other stuff

    There is now a separate menu at the top of this site for ‘Works in Progress’.

    At this point you will find there three pages, one each for Shades of Farthrow, Armada’s Disciple, and Children of Nevermind. Each page has a description of the book, Shades of Farthrow includes the current cover candidate. As they are released, the pages will naturally migrate to the Books menu and Book Shop pages, along with any additional information. As new books are titled and / or commenced, I will add them to the WIP menu.


    Also much of the additional “forum content” I had posted at the old site in relation to the books has been added to their individual book pages in the comments areas. So don’t forget to read through the separate pages if you want to see some extra information. Over time, I will likely add more stuff there.


    I book news, Starlight paper edit for the new edition is about half through, which will be followed by transferring those edits to the PC and then reproofing for the second round etc. The new edition should be a much more professional product. Not that the current one is bad, but you know how it is, as you practice your craft, you improve. I am doing as little actual textual changes as possible though.


    Shades of Farthrow is finally into chapter six, hovering at around 19,000 words. Call it a third written maybe.  Happily it is all planned out so that is a promising situation at last. Also a new opening for Armada’s Disciple has been written, the already written short I had considered for that purpose fired from the task in favor of something much better.


    Children of Nevermind is still pestering me from the background of course, but I have to finish something this year, so I am fighting the urge to write three books at once!


    That’s today’s news. Keep your eyes peeled for new stuff as it shows up!





  • The New Look

    Hi everybody.
    As you have probably noticed already if you are reading this, I have given my site a bit of a new look. I believe this new style will serve the site better into the future, allowing for proper drop down menu arrangements for lists of books etc. I hope you enjoy browsing the site and finding all the new content as it goes up.
    I have begun including further content, and each book now has it’s own page.

    On the writing front, I am focusing a bit of energy on the Starlight 2nd edition, but also still working on Farthrow. I will let you all know when something is ready for the old show and tell!

    Till then, I hope everybody is well and happy.


  • Stuff to do

    When History Fractures, Heroes Rise has finally been fixed up for kindle. The paperback, kindle and kobo editions are now finally all up to date and good to go, with all three formats available. On kindle you can also now get Convict, the 10,300 word novelette from the collection, on its own for 99c.

    Starlight is undergoing a re-edit in preparation for an upcoming second edition. When the second edition is ready, I will pull the first edition from print permanently. No point leaving it up if the 2nd is a better presented product. So if you spotted any nuisance glitches in there, feel free to let me know. I have probably already caught it, but I don’t mind if you tell me. Because if its one I haven’t got yet, you just might have stopped it from being missed! It is very close to a year since Starlight was released, and giving it this treatment in celebration seemed fitting and I hope it brings joy to a few of her fans! Starlight has been well received in the year since it’s release, and I hope a second edition will trigger more growth as word of the story spreads. I have had some contacts from surprising distances and unexpected places where readers have enjoyed the exploits of Starlight and Janice, so you can expect Armada’s Disciple to be started sometime (hopefully soon) when a gap in the writing schedule opens.

    Meanwhile, Shades of Farthrow continues to slowly tick over, and hopefully will be moving into the fun parts again very soon.

    Later guys!

  • Got a different brand e-reader?

    Continuing from the post about Kobo from the other day, I have been wrestling with their systems for a while now. The upshot is this:

    If you are a reader who owns an E-Reader device that is NOT a Kindle or a Kobo brand device, you may now be able to buy DRM books and read them, no conversion or other shenanigans needed.

    What will you need?
    First, check your device supports Adobe DRM. Your device will have the red adobe logo on it or its packaging somewhere usually, but check the user guide if unsure. I have the old first version MiGear device, which is about as cheap as they come, and it supports this. The majority of the super cheap readers are based on the same hardware and software. If your device does not, check your manufacturers website for a firmware upgrade (a little program you run that will add this feature) as many of them have provided these in the last twelve months to take advantage of the possible new legal sales channels opening up.

    Second, you need to download the Adobe Digital Editions software to your PC or Mac. Think of this as Itunes for your ereader. Get it here

    Third, you will need an account with www.kobobooks.com (that’s right, you are going to buy books from kobo)

    What do you do?
    Before trying to get any books, you need your Adobe Digital Editions software to be registered to you, and synced with your ereader. To do this, load the software, plug in your ereader device to the PC with a USB cable, and follow the prompts. If you buy and download a DRM protected book before you do this, you may not be able to access the books after.

    Once that is done, you are ready to buy. Go to kobobooks.com, and find the book you want (or follow a link from the bookshop page here if it is one of mine – I will work on getting them up soon). Log in and buy the book in the usual manner.

    Click on the words “my library” at the top right of the kobobooks website. You will find a list of books you have purchased, each with a blue button labeled either “adobe DRM Epub” or “Download Epub”. Click the button for the book you want.

    A box will likely pop up asking whether to save or open a file. Open it. This will open the Adobe digital editions software, download the book to it, then open the book for viewing.

    In the top left of Adobe Digital Editions is an icon that looks like a few book spines on a shelf. Click that. You will see your library on the right and a list on the left. The bottom of the list is your ereader (if it is plugged in to the USB port of your PC). Find your book, click and hold the mouse on the book, and drag it to your ereader. The book will be placed on the device, and you are all set to read it anywhere you like.

    Many of you with sony and other cheaper brand devices may already be using places like Smashwords to source ebooks, but some ebooks are not released to sites like those that do not support DRM – and until now you may have been stuck with major hassles sourcing or ‘converting’ those ebooks. If you go this way, you can expect a lot of those books in coming months to arrive at Kobo, and you will have access to them on your ‘other brand’ ereader.

    As I said before, given that I have already had to tackle pirates in relation to my books, I am reticent about using smash words or other non DRM sales avenues. The ability to distribute in a DRM format to all ereaders is very tempting for that reason! (and note the adobe digital editions does have a lending system like the kindle does, but I am not sure how it works at this time)

    Anyway, I hope some of you find this information useful, and enjoy many good reads as a result.


  • Suspended Earth on Kobo

    Hi everyone,

    I have joined the hoards moving over to Kobo!

    This will not change my existing distribution in any way, but I have watched with interest as Kobo e-readers grew and matured and it appears they are going to be a major competitor for Kindle well into the future. Since I know that they seem to be claiming a substantial foothold here in Australia, and the readers look to be a decent quality, I feel it would be unwise to ignore this growing segment of the market. All the readers out there who have gone the Kobo path when choosing an e-reader will soon have access to all my novels in the same way our Kindle sporting readers already do.

    For now, Suspended Earth is available on kobo, and I will endeavour to arrange for the others to be released on that platform in coming weeks. Kobo uses the EPub format, favoured by many of the cheaper or small brand readers, so you hopefully will be able to access them if you have those as well. Kobo allows the use of DRM, as the kindle does. Given I have already had to tackle pirates in relation to copies of my novels being illegally sold without my permission, I have to fall in favour of this feature which has been noticeably absent from Smash-Words (the other major EPub distributor). I hope that Kobo implements a lending system like that which already exists on kindle so that the DRM does not stop you treating your EPubs just like you do your paperbacks, but provides protection against those who would devalue our work.

    Of course I should be writing as well 🙂 I have multiple shorts now ready for magazine submission. I will post here if I do anything about that!

    Till next time!

  • Latest exploits

    Hi everyone.

    I have just returned from a brief but frankly quite amazing holiday 🙂 Naturally not much writing was done while I was off gallivanting around the countryside recharging the batteries, but I did do some further work on Shades of Farthrow.

    I hope to get this novel ready for release in coming months, and will keep you all posted. So much to do so little time!  Today is chill day as it is the anniversary of my birth, then tomorrow the day job beckons. But much writing is scheduled in for the coming weeks, with the plan to push back towards my self imposed schedule which is currently so far out of whack that the wackiest of wallops with a size 12 steel cap boot couldn’t help. Instead, a disciplined march of the pen (or the keyboard as the case may more accurately be) is in order, so watch this space and I will keep you informed as things progress.



  • Archival copy of the old blog.

    This is the blog from the old site, neatly stuck here in a single post for archival purposes.
     Note the first one is oldest then the next is the next one, etc, for ease of reading.

    SuspendedEarth.com is born!

    Well, this is the first post on this site. So welcome! I have an existing blog for my writings at the createspace website, and will begin using this one more once the site becomes active on launch of Suspended Earth (the novel not the site) in coming weeks.

    Please feel free to post in the forums etc.

    Martin 🙂

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 06 Apr 2011 |

    Playgrounds for the mind vs closed books

    A long time ago, Author Larry Niven explained his writing style and the major interconnectedness of his many otherwise unrelated books by describing the concept of Playgrounds for the mind. His idea is that when a reader finishes your book, they should not feel that its the end. It should leave them thinking, grant them the gift of an imaginary universe that they can continue to let their imagination roam long after the book is over.

    Alternatively I have heard others bemoan this approach and say that a book should have everything tied in and tied up, a nice neat package with nothing left to wonder about. Personally this scenario is about the most revolting thing I can imagine, but others disagree.

    In Suspended Earth, I have sewn the seed of a universe in which dozens of future unrelated novels can reside. I feel this is key to the playgrounds for the mind philosophy, as shown by Niven’s “Known Space” universe, in which all manner of novels co-exist across a vast expanse of time and space.

    Now obviously in this context I am talking about something suited to Science Fiction, but does it have to be limited as such? I have a single character who is mentioned in one paragraph, and that is all you hear of him. He has resided his entire life in a false virtual (with millions of others) world recreating ancient japan – and while there rose to power and led half his world to peace and prosperity. That one individual could spawn an entire novel of his exploits that is very clearly NOT science Fiction, rather being an historical fiction. It would nevertheless, be a part of the whole that goes together to make that same universe, that one single huge and never ending playground for the mind.

    I believe not only is this good for the reader, it is good for the author as well. While previously unpublished, my universe is a place I have resided in my imagination for decades, and if I need to find a new story, I simply have to allow my mind to visit that universe, poke into the corners of its worlds, until it finds something to tell a story about. Its an infinite supply of inspiration and a valuable tool to me as a writer. I feel confident I can assume it is something like this for the great Larry Niven as well, and probably was for the late R A Heinlein, who also wrote many separate books within one universe. To my mind, these two men are arguably two of the greatest SF authors ever to bless us with their varied imaginations.

    So what do you think? Is a playground philosophy a good thing? Or do you prefer the Closed Book scenario? and if so why? Is it a genre specific need? or is it your preference of story control? or what else? I am genuinely curious which way people tend.
    Please comment.


    Added by: Anthias | Date: 07 Apr 2011 |

    Character vs plot driven, Starlight and SE.

    Well, I am powering through Starlight, my second novel. I firmly feel that it is a superior story to Suspended Earth, though I still like SE and enjoy it and think it is worthwhile, SE was commenced 20 years ago when I was immature as a writer. Starlight on the other hand is being written by a more experienced mind.

    There is one big difference. Starlight is far more character driven than SE. That is, Starlight is pushed along by its people. Its central characters are far more clearly in control. In SE the characters were less in control of their destiny for much of the story, and so the story (in the first half of the book at least) moves in a plot driven manner, the characters thrust along for the ride as their world crumbles around them. Their relationships are a big factor in that control, but that is still a big part of the plot as well. In the second half, they take that control back and the story peaks beautifully. But the plot driven story line sets the tone of the book. Its not a bad thing, but its something I perhaps would be better suited to start on now than I was in my youth.

    That said, Starlight is roaring along at a pace – writing itself as a massively character driven story in comparison. I am finding it a thrill to write as I follow the character’s journeys and I hope this is translating into an enjoyable ride for readers as well. I personally feel that it is genuinely a better story, though it does need SE to allready exist for some aspects of its setting to truly make sense. It stands alone ok, but if you have the broader understanding of the universe its set in from a reading of SE you would get more from it.

    So I have two very dissimilar books, both to be released to market this year, that are intrinsically connected. I currently feel the second is superior, but I don’t know if it is just because I am passionate about it at this time, or if somehow the character driven plot lines are superior to those in SE or what. Regardless, I really hope readers enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it.

    I feel as though the second half of SE is more like Starlight, and that I think is because that second half I rewrote pretty much completely so the style is more like my matured writing than the first half of that story.

    At any rate, Starlight is moving fast – I have written 50 pages in a few nights – only a couple of hours a time. Character driven plot or not, its a hoot, and I hope you all enjoy it when it is done.

    I look forward to releasing both books soon. SE in coming weeks, and Starlight later in the year.


    Added by: Anthias | Date: 09 Apr 2011 |

    SE First Proof

    Well today I received the first proof of my first novel. In spite of the most incredible temptation I have ever felt, I did not rush in and hit approve. I have thoroughly investigated the novel, and have identified a number of corrections to be made to the 260 page novel.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it as a novel, approaching it as a reader after taking the last week away from it to work on my second novel. I believe this is a story that stands up strong and proud, it carries the reader along for a great ride, and does so well. These corrections which I will submit probably in the next day or two should result in a proof that I can hit that approve button on. Then I get to see how much other people enjoy it.

    Its a wonderful thrill holding your book in your hands for the first time – thank you Createspace for making that possible.

    It’s also wonderful to know it will be the best product I can make it thanks to this proof edit.

    Not long now everyone!

     Added by: Anthias | Date: 12 Apr 2011 |

    Proof edit done

    Major edit and tidy up has been completed based on changes from the first proof of Suspended Earth. The second proof is now on the way. I am confident that there shouldn’t be any more problems to fix, but I still wont approve it for sale till I hold the second proof in my hand and can definitely say once and for all “It’s perfect” (or at least as close to perfect as is practical).

    I believe failing printers stuff-ups, it should be ready to go. But better safe than sorry.

    When it arrives I will check it out ASAP and if it’s ok, it will be made available. It took 7 days for the first proof to arrive. So hopefully the second one gets here next Thursday.

    Crossing fingers 🙂 In the meantime, back to starlight!

     Added by: Anthias | Date: 14 Apr 2011 |

    Still waiting.I am still waiting for the second proof of Suspended Earth to arrive before I approve it for sale. I hope to see it in my post before too much longer, however the 5 days of no post over Easter and ANZAC day is likely holding things up. I had hoped it was quicker than that, but apparently there was a memorial day thing in the US that possibly held it up on that side of the ditch as well.Regardless, while the past week has not allowed a gret deal of time to work on my books, Starlight has progressed even so. I am expecting probably an august release for it which, though it sounds close, is quite realistic and allows for multiple edits and proofs. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am. Suspended Earth of course will be your first foray into my writing, but I certainly hope it is not your last. As I have used the rework of SE as a springboard into my writing after a lengthy hiatus, I am finding my story telling is only getting better as time moves forward.

    I do like that with the edits done and the second proof on its way, and my writing time being absorbed by Starlight, SE is a book I can now read as a reader. I think that is a very important thing. Approaching it as a reader, and not as the author, I still find I can enjoy it very much. I hope that it translates to equal enjoyment for the rest of the world, and I hope the handful of “reader puzzles”I have left in there (like the belt malfunction) tickle the minds of a few people sufficiently without distracting you. I find I can read through those passages with the ends left untied quite comfortably. If it makes you think a bit, then my goal is achieved. Don’t worry, it’s fun thinking!

     Added by: Anthias | Date: 23 Apr 2011 |

    still waiting part 2

    well its just become the 30th of April and still the final proof has not arrived. so I guess Suspended Earth does not get released in April!

    Meanwhile in other news I received my first review from the CreateSpace community where I placed some time ago a preview extract of Suspended Earth. It scored a 5 star (out of 5) rating, which is nice 🙂

    Also, Starlight is barreling along marvelously. Just hit 35,000 words, its nearing the 150 page mark, and is almost halfway. Not bad for three weeks with all the other stuff those particular three weeks contained. The story is flowing well and the mix of action and drama and calmer thought and descriptive passages is working well also. Told by one “sounding board” that it gets the adrenalin pumping haha – I hope that’s a good thing. Getting quite fond of my characters in this one too lol. Starlight herself has matured well, as has Janice, and Jonathon (who is a hell of a lot older than he was as a little boy in Suspended Earth) has also rounded out nicely as a character. Plenty of the bit characters are developing, and there have even been a few surprise arrivals that helped everyone to grow and develop. (like a certain important person’s spouse who burst into the scene before I realised she even existed lol. My book got gatecrashed by a character o.O ROFL)

    Anyway, all things being as they are, Starlight is moving well ahead of schedule which is great. The story is flowing, the action is good, the plot is varied and the world is vivid. I can’t really ask for too much more at this stage can I? Mind you if I stuff it up, I have a feeling Starlight (the character) would never forgive me! lol so I better just get it right first time then haha…

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 30 Apr 2011 |

    Gotta love it…

    Gotta love it. SE is for sale, and I felt had passed all the tests. And now I find a few little teensy things wrong lol. Not enough to warrant pulling it and starting again, considering I already ordered a shipment lol. Nothing that stops the story being as good. Not in quantity to make it a poor effort. But for the author who wants the book to be it’s best, a couple of minor facepalms … If you found something wrong, rest assured I probably already know about it! Only silly little things, but silly little  things that make me realise just how perfect I want starlight to be.

    Rest assured, Starlight is shaping up as a great story, a fun adventure, and a great read. I wont be willingly allowing any silly little things to slip through and make me slap my face with my palm again!!

    Starlight is within a breath of 200 pages already. It is certainly ahead of schedule which is great.

    SE is now on Amazon as well. It’s at http://www.amazon.com/Suspended-Earth-M-R-Mortimer/dp/1461056950/ref=sr_1_70?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1304686913&sr=1-70

    anyway, back to it!

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 5 May 2011 |

    Pinball anybody?

    There is now a future pinball table themed around suspended earth!

    Find it at pinball-originals.com.

    May as well try any unusual marketing avenues right?

     Added by: Anthias | Date: 08 May 2011 |

    Plodding on

    While Suspended Earth sales are slow, that is exactly what I expected in the short to medium term. Nobody knows who the hell this M R Mortimer guy is after all! Right? lol.

    Well, in spite of that, It’s as yet still only been available on line which I have no doubt is making a difference. Not a lot of people are willing to sign up to amazon or createspace just to buy one book. I am working on some other sales avenues. It should be available through a variety of other sources allready thanks to the Createspace EDC, but I am unsure exactly how long it will be before that really occurs. I have my first small order coming, and a couple of bricks and mortar stores will be taking a couple, which is a start. A slow start, but you can’t drill for oil using a herring. One step at a time.

    Starlight is coming together. I know the first edit will be huge. When a book is flowing so freely, literally writing itself, it will have to mean a lot of typos. You fix what you see on the journey, but happily this book will have the benefit of extra editor brains coming to the rescue lol. This book about the life of an orphaned girl in a world separated by the millenia from our own is going to reflect a little something in us all. It’s characters are growing richer in terms of soul with every page, and I feel they are giving this book something unique and special even while it may seem so familiar and warm.

    The trials that Starlight Hodgens faces in this story are remarkable, yet the story will reflect some aspects of us all. I hope you all will get as much out of this as I am getting out of writing it.

    I am investigating EBook options as well. I will post when I make a decision regarding that.

    Wish me luck! work to do 🙂

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 21 May 2011 |

    Starlight close, next novels in planning

    With Starlight so close to completion (though I have not written anything the last few days – no block, just other activities to worry about) we can expect it to be in editing within a week or so. I have decided as I think I mentioned to investigate EBook releases, and have acquired an e-reader for the purpose. It is not a kindle, and while I will probably release a kindle version, I have yet to decide.

    Since as I said Starlight is in its final stages of the writing phase, I must consider future works. While Starlight is set to have at least one and possibly two sequels, in which Starlight and Janice will continue their adventures, those subsequent stories will be independent of the current book. Episodic if you like. So there is not strictly a “cliff hanger” that people will be waiting to see resolved. I want to not settle into a same old same old cliche routine. I fear if I launch into starlights second and third novels immediately, I run the risk of causing it to get stale prematurely. For that reason, on completion of Starlight, I will divert to another part of my universe for my third book.

    As many of you are aware, I am writing in a universe that will hopefully eventually house dozens or even hundreds of individual stories. It’s a big place after all. And my third novel will inhabit a distant frontier of that universe. Dance of Nevermind is a survival and colonisation story set on a newly found world on the furthest perimeters of the Union of Free Humanity’s space, at it’s boundary away from the Federated Species Council. I will not spoil too much yet, but a series of unfortunate circumstances will result in the first thousand settlers battling for survival in a strange new world of varied and often inhospitable climate and its strange native flora and fauna. It takes five years before the second ship, the one which will install the hyperways that link this remote system to the rest of the union and through that into the FSC, can arrive. In the mean time the thousand settlers must tame this world and build a life for themselves. This world they call Nevermind has a few surprises in store for the settlers. Will they survive? How will they overcome their unusual situation? and what will they tell the Union when finally it arrives with an offer to take them home?

    The second and possibly third Starlight books as yet have no titles, and to say anything about them now may be too much of a spoiler. Rest assured they will be complete stories independent of the first Starlight book, obviously still set in the same universe but venturing far deeper into the space held by the Federated Species Council. So expect a preponderance of alien species, more on humanities new friends and a possible return of the ghosts of old enemies.

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 24 May 2011 |

    Dance of Nevermind underway, Starlight in editing.

    Well, I have officially commenced writing of my third book, Dance of Nevermind, while Starlight is copy eidted and formated for the proof. Still on track for August release. DoN is expected to be released later in 2011. the second book to feature Starlight Hodgens is to be titled Armada’s Disciple and will be commenced after DoN is into it’s proof.

    Crossing fingers for Starlight to go through the process smoothly here on out!

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 06 Jun 2011 |

    technostraphy? is that a word? delays delays

    Well hard drives die occasionally. technological catastrophes. technostraphies.

    Happily i have always been big on backups. working on my laptop until i can afford a new hdd in my tower.

    DoN is growing smoothly enough. I am investigating some of the physics behind the planet’s behavior so it is scientifically valid, even if it is unlikely! (it IS a big universe after all! 🙂 ) I have tidied the first few chapters, modified some characters so they are more fitting, and introduced several of the planets native species. I have also fleshed out a strong plan for the book. I hope to progress at a decent pace with it, but it will be slower than Starlight to complete.

    Meanwhile the editor is still slogging away at Starlight, putting in the hard yards to help it be the book it deserves to be. Thanks Julie! The cover of Starlight is also getting some attention still.

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 23 Jun 2011 |

    Back from the editor

    Starlight is back from the copy editor, who has done a wonderful job. I will now spend some time at my earliest convenience reviewing those changes, and formatting for proof. I will also be doing some further work on the cover.

    First proof will be ordered once all that is done and submitted for print approval 🙂 Crossing fingers!

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 30 Jun 2011 |


    Starlight has finally been submitted for print approval. Once that comes through I will order the proof copy 🙂

    Had some real fun with the formatting lol. The old woops its been in multiple programs thing. All the headers and page numbers and such like went screwy! Did the old copy to note pad then copy back to strip all formatting then rebuilt the layout from scratch. Went with slightly smaller margins, and knocked thirty pages off! The final result I think is good.

    Hopefully the proof goes fine and I can release on schedule!

    Fingers crossed.

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 08 Jul 2011 |

    Starlight Proof!

    I got my Starlight proof! its looking gorgeous! the cover art takes on a slight sepia tone in print, but it works very nicely. I am rather happy with it 🙂

    now to break out the highlighter! I’ll get the read and proof done, submit the corrected copy, and it will be released! WOOOOOT!

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 15 Jul 2011 |

    Starlight goes to kindle (duplicated from the forum)

    Well, in a decision made today, I have released the kindle version of Starlight in advance of a paperback release in the very near future. Post being ok and such I hope to have a paperback release within about a week or so – in keeping with the original August release prediction.The kindle version is in the approval process now at amazon and it should become available within 24 hours. when that happens, I will add the link here as well as in the book shop.

    Of course, if you are like me, no kindle can ever replace the paper of a real book, however I must recognise that the ebook movement is gathering speed and already eclipses paperback sales in the USofA, so we may as well participate in that distribution method as well as the traditional ways. Rest assured I will never int he foreseeable future do away with my paperback releases. At some later stage I will probably make arrangements for other ebook stores like Smashwords or even create my own here. In the meantime, if you don’t have a kindle but would like access to the ebooks, you can use the excellent Calibre software (a free download) to manage all your ebooks and it will convert your kindle downloads to whatever other format you prefer.

    EDIT: Kindle link: http://www.amazon.com/Starlight-ebook/dp/B005EA02UO/ref=tag_sty_mn_edpp_ttl only US$3.99 for the digital edition!

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 24 Jul 2011 |

    Still waiting

    Well, my final starlight proof is still not here. After paying for the super fast delivery, it’s simply super slow lol.  Createspace have kindly declared they believe the time frame indicates lost in transit, and have dispatched a replacement free of charge.

    Hopefully that will arrive Monday, and then I can finally hopefully approve it for release to market. Of course it IS already on Kindle, but I don’t know that kindle sales are going to be exceptional until amazon has a stronger position in the local market. Kindle is the preference as it seems to be better protected from the unscrupulous thieves of the world. I have read some scary events happening to other authors publishing through some of the other ebook services regarding the piracy and sale of counterfeits of their books. Until I have been convinced this problem is not going to occur, I will stick with only the proven secure routes.

    Meanwhile, Dance of Nevermind is progressing, albeit slowly at the moment. It should accelerate in coming weeks as I work past a tricky part. It is indeed shaping into a good story. and I am keen to find out how it falls together later on 🙂

    Meanwhile I have done more forum contest short stories. Find them all in the random writings forum, or via the content shortcuts page.

    Cheers 🙂


    Added by: Anthias | Date: 5 Aug 2011 |

    Starlight released!

    I am very pleased to announce the release to paperback of my second novel, Starlight. find it in the bookshop!

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 08 Aug 2011 |


    Well, Dance of Nevermind is up around 25,000 words now, and flowing nicely. I am thus far very happpy with the way it is going.

    Barnes and Noble today are listing Starlight at a discount, accordingly I have decided to place the $5 discount code on the book store page here on suspendedearth.com

    Thanks to those who already bought and lets hope a few more pick up the books soon!

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 25 Aug 2011 |

    Reporting in 🙂Well, working around all the other things one must concern oneself with, I have indeed been progressing still.Dance of Nevermind is beyond 32,000 words, having completed chapter 13. More or less on track for December all going well.

    The story has progressed into the transitional phase that will lead into the second half of the main story. All going well, it won’t all fall apart any time soon! lol.

    In the mean time, you may or may not have noticed a fifth book forum has appeared. I will not be posting anything in it for a while, but you can consider the name a bit of a teaser 😛

    So – once ‘Dance Of Nevermind’ is done, I will be getting stuck into ‘Armada’s Disciple’, the second book to have Starlight Hodgens and Janice Heartmyer as it’s central characters.

    Following that (unless some event causes me to switch the order around lol) it will be ‘Shades Of Farthrow’. SoF is set at approximately 400 TE on the timeline (check the timeline via the forum or the contents shortcut page) but at this stage I do not intend it to be related to the great HRM defeat of near that time which was mentioned in SE. once DoN is closer to completion, I will begin with the about thread for SoF, and of course start getting more stuff up about Armadas Disciple 🙂

    Starlight has started seeing sales on Kindle, and I am still waiting for my first small stock delivery of it in paperbacks, although some copies ordered through the book shop by readers have already arrived.

    If you haven’t already, check out the preview, and please consider buying a copy. A writer has to eat lol….

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 3 Sep 2011 |

    Stock is in!

    Today I finally received my first few copies of Starlight – I will place some in the local book store this afternoon 🙂 Meanwhile you can order as always from the links here to createspace or amazon.

    Shortly press releases for its availability will be sent out to a variety of media people 🙂

    Meanwhile Dance of Nevermind is moving steadily. We are into the second half of the story now, the truth of the echos slowly revealing itself and the second colony soon to be built. Well on track for the December release, and finally edging closer each day to that magic word count. As of last week DoN became a novel so celebrations all around.

     Added by: Anthias | Date: 14 Sep 2011 |

    Dance of Nevermind draft complete!

    I am exceedingly happy to announce the completion of Dance of Nevermind.

    Coming in at approximately 65,000 words, its halfway between SE and Starlight in length, but somehow is more pages. Have to fiddle with the margins and such.

    Now it enters the first of several editing runs. Lets hope it can shape up to the promise 🙂 so far, I am very confident it can.

    So watch this space for a future change in the preview chapter as it gets fixed up a bit, and hopefully come December, a pending release!

    This book has been such a roller coaster and so much of an absolute joy to write, I hope you all find it just as much fun to read.


      Added by: Anthias | Date: 26 Sep 2011 |

    Goings onWell if you have looked in the forums recently, you will have noticed the new preview for Dance of Nevermind. It’s still got more polishing to do, but if you read the old one you should noticed quite a bit of improvement in it already. It’s heavily into the editing phase and I hope to get it together in time for a release some time in December, but we will see what happens.Meanwhile I have also been working on a few short stories for a prospective anthology to be titled “Fractures Lost in Time”. Some of the short stories will be expansions of the ones in the random writings forum. Of course they will be fairly heavily edited, to improve them beyond what they already are. Princess Agent has already been done (and has stretched to about four times the forum posted versions size) and a few others have joined it. In time, this anthology will be hopefully something a bit special.

    Also in planning are ‘Armada’s Disciple’, ‘Shades of Farthrow’ and ‘Children of Nevermind’.

    Crossing fingers for some released books soon 🙂

      Added by: Anthias | Date: 11 Oct 2011 |

    Dance of Nevermind almost with us!

    Editing done, I have done the formatting and cover and the rest so Dance of Nevermind is now awaiting print approval for the ordering of a proof copy. Cross fingers for a happy proof!

    Coming up I will be doing a second edition of Suspended Earth – with the manuscript “fixed up” – typos and the like fixed, a reformatting etc.

    Also Fractures Lost In Time is underway (an anthology of short stories)

    Sometime in the next few months I will begin work on Armada’s Disciple, Shades of Farthrow and Children of Nevermind (not necessarily in that order, but that sequence is the most likely candidate at this time – and no I don’t mean I will be writing all three at once lol)

    Meanwhile, I have also implemented a shopping cart on here, so if you wish to buy a book, you no longer have to go to amazon or createspace and login/register. Just pay with your credit card or paypal account!

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 23 Oct 2011 |

    Project coming to a closeWow! hi guys 🙂 Well the proof of Dance of Nevermindarrived, it looks beautiful. The cover colours came out better than I dared dream. The artwork looks simply gorgeous. I have commenced the read of the proof and it will get it’s second proof and final edit. There is nothing major wrong, but a couple of minor tweaks (I found a surname of a character without a capital – that’s seriously all! not that I’m done yet) I can’t imagine there being anything huge missed though – This has been fairly thoroughly edited. Once the minor corrections are through, it gets resubmitted for print approval and I will get a kindle version prepared.Expect it to be soon! (in fact, it may yet beat its December release time – there is still a lot of November left!)

    In other news, I’m partway through a third story for my upcoming anthology. This story is called False Prophets, and is fairly squarely seated in the SciFi camp. I won’t give the plot away yet, but the story is shaping up nicely so far. As for the anthology itself, the title has now changed.While it was called Fractures lost in time, and I do still like that title, it wasn’t really gelling for me as a title of relevance to the stories. One common factor across all the stories is the unexpected hero. These characters come out of all manner of situations and find themselves unwittingly the hero’s of their day. Something within their world is wrong, and they step up – not always by choice – and take up their sword (sometimes figuratively and other times literally). Every story has that hero figure in common. The fractures lost in time title did not really capture that central theme, tho the fractures did capture that something wrong idea. Anyway, long story short, the new title much better encapsulates that idea. It will now be named “When History Fractures, Heroes Rise” So far completed for this anthology are “Princess Agent” (roughly twice the length of the original one in the random writings forum) and “the Soft“. “False Prophets” will make three in place, but I have several more in various states.

    Suspended Earth has it’s second edition well underway. In it’s new format, the page count drops by around 40, but fear not – nothing has been cut out. It’s simply a much better layout – it’s actually an easier more comfortable read now, and I am in the process of giving it the full editing treatment still. It may still be a little way off, but I was hoping to get finished before Christmas. Probably wouldn’t be able to order stock in time though it will I hope be on line in the new format by then.

    Once all that is been and said and done, I will be able to move onto the next novel, which is still likely to be Armada’s Disciple, unless I decide to swap it with Shades of Farthrow.

    Anyway, thanks for reading, thanks for coming back to read again, and I’ll talk again soon 🙂

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 2 Nov 2011 |

    How we say scifi

    Sometimes, you don’t know who your friends are. It is always a great boost to your heart, your mind, your confidence when suddenly you find out. And when they are somebody you’ve never met before, it’s mind blowing.

    In a dim dark corner of the net, somebody has posted a marvelous unsolicited add for my work. They concluded with the line “Cause M.R.Mortimer is how we say scifi in Australia.”

    Now, this was not a full on review, it was not a paid add, or any other sort of solicited statement. But completely unsolicited, and without prompting, this was said. If nobody ever reads it, it is already more valuable than a comprehensive TV print and radio campaign. Because that person didn’t have to say a word.

    There are people every day who support our indie authors in ways like this, and those bright souls do so at the risk of people accusing them on places around the net of taking payment, or being sock puppets, or whatever, for their favourable reports. Yet still they see it as a kindness, a duty maybe, to see to it that those who’s work they appreciate are in turn appreciated. They will stand up proud and speak the kind words against the potential tide of anonymous vitriol. A good review is honest, but it is never cruel. A good review is one that, if it finds flaw, helps the author to improve. If it doesn’t find flaw, it helps them to feel pride. In both cases, it helps them to feel appreciated, understood, and known. Writing can be a lonely thing. These are the people who make that shell of loneliness crack a little.

    To the random readers, fellow writers, publishers, reviewers, printers and plain old anonymous souls who take the time to engage in this delicate task and present their kind recommendations, honest appraisals and supportive criticisms, on behalf of authors everywhere, we thank you.

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 7 Nov 2011 |

    Busy Times

    Hi everybody!

    well, things have been flat out getting a few things done. I managed to get Dance of Nevermind released on paperback AND on kindle – both in the month of November, well ahead of schedule! I am quite pleased with the result. I will hopefully have some copies of the paperback in stock soon. Until then, you may still order through this site or from Amazon.

    I have also completed the second edition of Suspended Earth and released that to kindle. The first edition is officially out of print, and the second edition paperback proof should arive this week some time for final approval after which the new version will go on sale.

    So now I have to get stuck into some new work! Heroes Rise (full title When History Fractures, Heroes Rise) – the anthology of short stories and novellas is going to get a bashing in the next few weeks, and hopefully start to shape up. Once that is out of the way I will commence Armada’s Disciple, unless one of the others takes a more favoured place in my sequence of inspirations! lol

    All things considered, I look like remaining a busy writer for some years to come lol.

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 27 Nov 2011 |

    The silly season?

    How did it get so late in the year?

    Oh well. you may have noticed some dramas with the site recently, but hopefully it is all resolved now.

    Kindle sales are going well this month, maybe a few kindles have been bought for Christmas. The special price on the kindle of Suspended Earth continues till 1/2/2012 (first feb – thats an Australian date format not an American one) It is selling fairly well at the moment and has recently be granted a 4 star review on goodreads.

    I am considering more promotional offers for the new year. The second edition of Suspended Earth is available in paperback as well and is significantly improved. Dance of Nevermind and Starlight are slowly ticking by as well, though I would like to see them sell more of course! both those books have sequels coming in the next year or so.

    Next release will most likely be When History Fractures Heroes Rise (an anthology of short stories) followed by Armada’s Disciple.

    On a different note, My best wishes go out to everyone over this holiday season. I hope you all have a glorious time, with joyous moments shared with friends and family.

    Till next time,


    Added by: Anthias | Date: 16 Dec 2011 |

    Back in full swing

    Hi everyone, well after the madness of the silly season we are all back into the game I hope. After a shipping hassle Dance of Nevermind is finally in stock, Suspended Earth is still on route and a new shipment of Starlight should be on its way now.

    When History Fractures Heroes Rise is well underway, and should be ready for release within the next couple of months.

    Starlight is being entered into ABNA 2012 (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) in the young adult fiction category. I’ll post apporpriate links when it all kicks off! I’m hoping it gets past a couple of rounds. I don’t want to be entry 10,000 in the rankings lol. Reading some of the stuff going in I think I have a real chance of getting past a couple of rounds though so fingers are keeping crossed. If it does go through, I may hold off on releasing Armada’s Disciple until the close of the contest in case the publishers want to option the sequel as well. If it doesn’t get that far, I won’t!

    Previous years in ABNA have seen some pure rubbish get through while gems get passed over so get through or not, it’s all worth the try and means nothing if it fails.

    At any rate, full steam ahead.

    Also watch for announcements in coming weeks. I have secured contact and submission details for some prominant US SF periodicals and intend to start submitting stories to them. First story is to be called The Judas Goat – I’ll let you know if they accept it! (of course writing stories for Heroes and also writing them for submission to magazines creates a dilemma – they can’t go in both you see lol)

    Well, I’ll let you fine people go and read something else now and talk to you all soon!

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 19 Jan 2012 |

    swinging by

    It has been a whlie since I blogged! Obviously I am still writing.

    I am still a long way from releasing another novel, but I haven’t been idle. Currently I am waiting on a proof copy of When History Fractures, Heroes Rise, a collection of short stories. This book includes 12 short sci fi and fantasy stories, and I hope it gets a good reception. It is available in kindle already in a discounted early release.

    In the meantime, I have a solid start on the novel Shades of Farthrow, which I hope to have ready in May for it’s first proofing. For information. I will be posting more details soon.

    I have put the novel Armada’s Disciple on hold, because it is the sequel to my second novel Starlight, which is currently into the quarterfinals of ABNA 2012. I decided to hold it back Starlight is out of the running, and what do you know, it’s not out yet! Silly of me I know, but it gave me an excuse to start on Shades of Farthrow, which I had a few ideas swirling around in my head for.

    Crossing fingers for the semi finals of ABNA, and plodding on with my next book. Have fun, have a read!

    Added by: Anthias | Date: 29 Mar 2012 |


    Well then, that’s that!  Yeah I know, recent months have not seen blog activity, and life is going to always be sporadic like that. Recent months have seen a slow down in a lot of my activities, but my writing has not stopped. I am still working on Shades of Farthrow, as well as various edits under way. I have a short story complete and in editing in preparation for magazine submission, and I hope to post an excited blog about that some day soon as well! Now that this mamoth post is done, I will hit the publish button and leave all you good people to whatever it is you are doing. Thank you all for reading, and see you soon.



  • I’m back!

    I’m back online, and the site is going to be better than ever thanks to the changes. You will have noticed, if you came to the old site, a massive change. Also the loss of the forums. I will evaluate things over coming weeks and if necessary forums can return, but for now, I kind of like the simplicity of losing them. Slowly I will port content onto this new site and I hope you come back regularly to witness the changes.