Longarm Severed

Theodore Longarm is a convicted criminal. A murderer, terrorist, and smuggler, he must live out his days in prison.

This is no ordinary prison. With much of his memory gone, yet knowing the full extent of his crimes, Theodore must find the truth of his past, and his future.

All while knowing he was a monster.

How much can he lose and stay human?
How much can he regain and stay human?

Can he condemn the acts of his keepers, knowing what he has done?

Is he any more or less human than the computers that keep him trapped in their virtual world?

What is the cost of freedom? What is the cost of his memories?

And what must he do, once he has them?

Longarm severed is a new Science Fiction novel, set in a virtual reality prison reserved for the worst of humanity. It is a story of redemption, loss, and the fight for freedom.

ISBN/EAN13: 1511694599 / 9781511694599

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For more background, this page on my site has more information about the Longarm organisation featured in my books: www.suspendedearth.com/?page_id=468

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  1. Longarm Severed is out now on kindle! Paperback coming soon!