Organisations Featured

Organisations Featured within the novels:

Federated Species Council (FSC) – A group of 21 species operating as a political and military overseer.

Federation Investigation Unit (FIU) – An investigative police body under the auspices of the FSC.

Union of Free Humanity (UFH) – the governing body of human space, after liberation from from the Banshick Armada and the tank systems.

Human Empire – The military government of human space operating under the dictate of the Banshick armada during the tank era (ie prior to liberation)

First Human Empire – The governing and social body of human space prior to their defeat in the First Banshick Wars.

Sol Nations – the union of political and national governments that later reformed to become the First Human Empire

Union Investigative Corps – The UFH investigative and police forces

Human Resistance Movement – The human resistance, who fought against the Banshick Armada and the Human Empire during the tank era, and became the major military arm of the UFH after liberation.

Banshick Armada – The invading alien force, previously expelled from the FSC, that held humanity in thrall for centuries.

Shades (of Farthrow) – A secretive group on the planet Farthrow, dedicated to preservation ancient technology and culture.