The Naradhan Trilogy

The Naradhan Trilogy follows the story of Ian “Iron” Johnstone, from my previous short story “Failing Calamity”, and his experiences with the deadly Naradhan, a traveller, a monster, and a lethal enemy.

Naradhan the Silent is dark, murderous, determined, and incredibly patient. His very existence is denied by governments and law makers, and his future is dependent on one thing: He must kill to survive. When his prey eludes him, he must never give up the chase, until that prey has been defeated. He is a traveller, and the travellers are the bogey men of space, the terrifying tales told to children and never believed. They are scary, whispered of in hushed tones on the space lines, and are said to stalk their prey sometimes for decades. They are an item of fiction and make believe, but they are devastatingly real when they catch you. Few survive to tell of these encounters.

Iron Johnstone was one of the few. Now, Naradhan must hunt him across space, for as long as it takes. He will kill as many victims of collateral damage as he must to keep his existence a secret. No life is sacred to Naradhan but his own. If you get in his way, or are in the same place as his prey, your life is forfeit.

Watch for the Naradhan Trilogy, coming soon.

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  1. Avatar Anthias
    Anthias says:

    The first volume of The Naradhan Trilogy, Naradhan the Silent, is around 25% complete. This series is currently “simmering” while I complete the first trilogy of The Cinder Chronicles. On completion of that trilogy, I hope to return to the final book in The Starlight Trilogy, Blues of Deception, which follows on from Starlight and Armada’s Disciple, to be completed in 2017. At that point, I will likely return to this terrifying chase to explore the complicated relationship between a hunter and his prey.