This page contains information about the various organisations, groups, places, and so forth, found in my books.

This is a time line that shows the history of the universe my books are set in.


Federated Species Council (FSC) – A group of 21 species operating as a political and military overseer.

Federation Investigation Unit (FIU) – An investigative police body under the auspices of the FSC.

Union of Free Humanity (UFH) – the governing body of human space, after liberation from from the Banshick Armada and the tank systems.

Human Empire – The military government of human space operating under the dictate of the Banshick armada during the tank era (ie prior to liberation)

First Human Empire – The governing and social body of human space prior to their defeat in the First Banshick Wars.

Sol Nations – the union of political and national governments that later reformed to become the First Human Empire

Union Investigative Corps – The UFH investigative and police forces

Human Resistance Movement – The human resistance, who fought against the Banshick Armada and the Human Empire during the tank era, and became the major military arm of the UFH after liberation.

Banshick Armada – The invading alien force, previously expelled from the FSC, that held humanity in thrall for centuries.

Shades (of Farthrow) – A secretive group on the planet Farthrow, dedicated to preservation ancient technology and culture.

Places: (These do not include locations outside human space at this time)

Liberation City – Defacto capital of the union, a major city on Earth. Formerly known as  Xanadu, site of the Gamma Phi Wartzog tank system centre from which Humanity’s liberation began. Xanadu was the original code name given to the settlement of the first to escape from the tank systems. It became Liberation city after the forming of the UFH in recognition that this was the seat of all humanity’s freedom.

Gamma Phi Wartzog – The tank system centre from which the first of the escapees exited (those who became known as the tank heroes)

Lunar City – The seat of government operations for the UFH, also the location of the Union Academy, a notable place of education in human space.

Union Academy – a university style education facility in Lunar City, attended by many characters in the books at some point in their lives.

The Gorton Tower (Or Gorton’s Tower) – A massive space station erected on an asteroid, placed near the exit of Earth’s hyperway ramp.  The Gorton Tower is a monument and a museum, as well as an autonomous state within the UFH, home to around half a million people.

Settlement of Hades – An ancient ruin of a settlement inside of an asteroid, destroyed in the first banshick war and later plundered by rogue company Starfall Resources.

Nevermind (prior designation V-Sigma-12, assigned by the UFH in co-operation with the FSC, who govern expansion of territorial rights in order to prevent invasion or conflict) – A planet in deep space, withing the furthest reaches of human space. Nevermind is the site of a struggling but vibrant colony of humanity, founded in the year 95AL. Important locations on Nevermind: Clearing, Novahaven, Colby’s Fall, Echo Pass, Shore Leave.

Farthrow – A planet that is home to a colony from the first human empire, which lost contact with the rest of human space at some time prior to the first Banshick wars. Important locations on Farthrow: First Palace of Farthrow, First City, Cliffhold (City of the Fallen), Northernfall, Crescent Beach, Gerald’s Farm, Fourth Landing.strong

Member Species of the FSC (Further Detail to be added at a later date.)
With Armada’s Disciple finally taking my readers beyond human space, it is time to introduce you to the twenty one species who are members of the Federated Species Council. Below I list them, and where a memorable character exists I will place them as an example. These all have existed since the writing of Suspended Earth, but until now only Haark Junli has featured strongly in any of the books. I do not include Nevermind’s echoes as they are not members of the FSC, though they do have some form of intelligence, working with the human colony on that planet. Eventually I hope to commission artwork depicting each species.

* Human – EG almost everyone!

* Preeacsil – EG Haark Junli,(Suspended Earth, Starlight, Armada’s Disciple),
Shae Jarzi (Armada’s Disciple)

* Luprian

* Gaulphine – EG Aulphone Pilchy (Armada’s Disciple)

* Strull

* Banshick – EG Claarktch (Suspended Earth)
Kisch Phutaark (Suspended Earth)
Schlekfa Mhutarchis (Suspended Earth)

* Figarin

* Argola

* Zurit

* Durjia

* Maesi

* Jeril

* Tryan

* Rymag

* Nasmus

* Sinkeng

* Kilpin

* Cana

* Roth

* Elsi

* Stracthi

More information will be added as I am able to do so.

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