Suspended Earth

When Rachel Birmingham’s lover explodes in her apartment in 1990’s America, she begins a personal journey to find out why it happened, why everyone around her forgets he existed, and what is really going on in this world. Meanwhile her Australian lover Daniel Kaye is propelled into a starring role in a world he couldn’t have dreamed of. In seeking each other, the lovers strike lasting and unlikely friendships with those who they must lead together in a galactic quest to save mankind.

Originally conceived in 1989 and largely influenced by both the classic SF authors and the unique new blood of the Eighties, this book neared completion after a decades work in 1999 when it was abandoned due to thematic similarities to a prominent film released at that time.

In 2011, revised and largely rewritten, Suspended Earth is for the first time available to Science Fiction readers.


“This is a great read . It really drew me in from start to finish the character’s really make the story even more enjoyable.” – Goodreads Reviewer

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ISBN-10: 1467990450
ISBN-13: 978-1467990455

2 Responses to Suspended Earth

  1. Avatar Anthias
    Anthias says:

    A list of people in Suspended Earth

    This is not yet a complete list. I have not included the HRM or Human Empire fleet characters as yet.

    Main Characters:

    Daniel Kaye – a former Computer Hacker, who works as a consultant for the film industry in Hollywood. No he is not the actor.
    Rahcel Birmingham – Daniel Kaye’s girlfriend and a rising new actress. Stars on the set of a film Daniel is working on at the time of the story’s opening.
    Stephan Vixwanathan-Raith – A technician in the employ of the Empire. He is the first Empire character to enter the story.
    Shiva – In the words of Jonathon Murphy “She’s the computer that controls the world”
    Trevor – The Liberator.
    Dana Keely – News reader
    Peter Walters – Detective on the case
    Lewis Rheem – Peter Walters partner – detective on the case
    Cherie Murphy – A waitress and the first assistant to Trevor
    Jonathon Murphy – Cherie’s only son
    Jake Newall – A former US Navy Pilot
    Alison Goodwin – Jake’s team mate in the thaw

    The Banshick:
    Claarkch – Leader of the Armada
    Kisch-Phutaark – The Librarian – manages the empire museum.
    Shlekkfa Mhutarchus – Claarkch’s main political rival

  2. Avatar Anthias
    Anthias says:

    About the belts

    I am putting this here because readers will ask about this – Major spoilers in this post, so don’t read it if you don’t want a spoiler!

    This is about how the belts work and why the malfunction occurs. It is never explained in the book for the simple reason that at the time of the story none of the characters know this information themselves. It is as much a mystery to them as it is to the reader. I would like to assume however that some readers will figure it out – the clues are all there. If when the book is read you think you have figured it out, or want to know because you just don’t see it, then read on.

    Spoilers follow.

    Seriously, spoilers are here! Only read on if you have finished the book!

    Ok here is the deal. This is going to be a huge spoiler.

    The belts do not operate in ways that the characters suggest.

    The belts are technology of Banshick Origin.

    That should be the primary clue a lot of you will need to figure it out.

    If you did not figure it out, SPOILERISH CLUE

    As you know the belt incident occurs when Daniel is psychically connected to Rachel.

    Does that give you what you need to figure it out? If not, FURTHER SPOILAGE

    The Banshick technology is powered by psychic energies, called Phishlaark.

    That psychic energy is sourced from humans. Daniel is employing HIS in contacting rachel.

    The power source for the belt, its primary method of operation, is otherwise occupied at the time of the incident.

    So the belt malfunctions. It simply becomes attracted to the nearest gravity source, and as it has no power source (Daniels phishlaark) it can not reset.

    That is the answer to the mystery. I hope you were sensible and waited till you had read it all before spoiling it!.