Suspended Earth

When Rachel Birmingham’s lover explodes in her apartment in 1990’s America, she begins a personal journey to find out why it happened, why everyone around her forgets he existed, and what is really going on in this world. Meanwhile her Australian lover Daniel Kaye is propelled into a starring role in a world he couldn’t have dreamed of. In seeking each other, the lovers strike lasting and unlikely friendships with those who they must lead together in a galactic quest to save mankind.

Originally conceived in 1989 and largely influenced by both the classic SF authors and the unique new blood of the Eighties, this book neared completion after a decades work in 1999 when it was abandoned due to thematic similarities to a prominent film released at that time.

In 2011, revised and largely rewritten, Suspended Earth is for the first time available to Science Fiction readers.


“This is a great read . It really drew me in from start to finish the character’s really make the story even more enjoyable.” – Goodreads Reviewer

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ISBN-10: 1467990450
ISBN-13: 978-1467990455

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