Janice Heartmyer

Janice Heartmyer (Starlight, Armada’s disciple) is first seen as a young orphan girl who is the room mate of Starlight Hodgens when she first arrives there after her mother’s death.

Janice and Starlight go on to be lifelong friends, sharing all manner of trials and tribulations as they struggle to become the best that they can be. While Starlight enters training to become a pilot, Janice finds a love for archeology, and for engineering. Once she settles into a new home with relatives in the Gorton tower, Janice becomes focused on her goals and eventually graduates from the Union Academy with top honours.

Janice operates effectively as an offsider to Starlight, though it is not until after she graduates that she gets the chance to really shine. By that time, many of the mysteries the girls were seeking answers to have been solved, but she readily accepts the oportunity to fly with Starlight as agents for teh FSC’s FIU under the leadership of Haark Junli.

As an agent, Janice works to chase down remnants of the terrorist group Longarm, and embarks on other, even more dangerous missions, when something sinister threatens the future of the FSC, of the Union of Free Humanity, or of any of her friends and family.

A passionate young woman, Janice fights injustice and wrongdoing at every oportunity, sometimes putting herself or her companions in danger, but generally being the steady hand to much more gun-ho antics of Starlight Hodgens.

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