Log of Ships

Here is a list of the vessels found in the various books. Note that this list is a work in progress.

Suspended Earth:
(this list only includes vessels named in the book, although many hundreds more participate in the battles. This list may be expanded to include further vessels from that conflict)

The Mulper (a small, technicians transport)
HRMS Ormuzd (a resistance battleship)
HRMS Idris (A resistance command ship)
HRMS Nirvana (A resistance settlement class ship)
HRMS Aeneas (A resistance colony ship and military training school)
HRMS Heorot (A resistance battleship, recovered from the museum)
43389bmarkII – An empire war vessel
43389nmarkII – An empire shuttle employed by Emerson’s Eight during the final battle of the second banshick war.
473b – an empire battle class vessel
Throne of Claarkcth – the Banshick Aramads Flagship (not named in SE)
Honorable mention: The Museum – An immense artificial structure in space, home to the banshick librarian Kisch Phutaark.

Shuttle 473 – a training vehicle used by LOCSA for pilot training and examinations
Various Starfall Shuttles – Shuttles modified by Starfall Resources to transport ore
Caretaker’s Yacht – the private ship of the union’s caretaker, Maria Carpenter
Station 74 – a Starfall mineral depot in deep orbit around Earth
Station 65 – a Starfall ore collection point in the sol system’s asteroid belt
The Phoenix An FIU investigation ship
Honorable mention: The Settlement of Hades – an ancient, decimated colony inside an asteroid

Dance of Nevermind:
HRMS Newhope
– A ship used to transport colonists from Earth to the new colony on Nevermind
Aurora – a union envoy ship
Gate Vessel (unnamed) – a HRM hyperway gate creation vessel

Shades of Farthrow:
Ancient Angel
(a recommissioned ship from the first landing on Farthrow)

Short Stories etc: (not a part of the universe from the novels)
Failing Calamity:
(And also The Chronicles of Iron Johnstone)
Calamity J An aging merchant freighter modified to transport water to the outer colonies
Caretaker’s Yacht