Failing Calamity (short story)

Failing Calamity can be found on the kindle store here: Failing Calamity on Kindle

Failing Calamity is a short story starring Ian “Iron” Johnstone, of my upcoming Naradhan Trilogy.

From the Amazon description:
Ian ‘Iron” Johnstone was an ex convict in need of a job.

So when the chance to fly with the Calamity J was offered, he took it, knowing it was the only job he was likely to get. He ignored his misgivings about the dilapidated old ship.

But as so often happens when desperate people take whatever work they can find, Ian got more than he bargained for. When people began to die, it fell to Ian to figure out why, but it was hard enough to simply stay alive.

This is an 8,000 word short story from Science Fiction novelist M R Mortimer.