A century has passed since humanity’s liberation. Starlight revolves around the life of its title character, a girl named Starlight Hodgens. When her mother is killed in a tragic accident while piloting a shuttle, Starlight becomes an “orphan of the organisation” – to be looked after by the people who employed her mother. They hold the official line that there was no accident other than pilot error, but Starlight believes that to be a lie. When she gets old enough and trained for the work, she takes on the same job her mother had done, and in so doing gets much closer to the truth. What is that truth? Danger or a liberation? Who or what was really the cause of her mother’s death? The mysteries surrounding her circumstances and her lifelong quest for answers will lead Starlight on a journey far from home, and far from safety. Will she find justice or will she find death?

“…an incredibly creative premise” – Publisher’s Weekly
“Fascinating Plot! Interesting and spell binding.” – ABNA Expert Reviewer (Abna 2012)
“This is a great read .The universe Mortimer creates is beautiful.” – Goodreads reviewer
“I smiled, cried, and laughed alongside the characters. I highly recommend this book.” – Goodreads reviewer

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ISBN-10: 146356130X
ISBN-13: 978-1463561307

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    Anthias says:

    List of primary locations for the story:

    Liberation City (Earth)
    Ranger City (Earth)
    Lunar City (Lunar / the moon)
    Union Academy (Lunar City)
    The Gorton Tower
    Gorton Museum (The Gorton Tower)
    Various Starfall Resources owned stations
    Contract Orphanage – owned by Starfall Resources – attached to an abandoned tank center
    Settlement of Hades
    Asteroid Mines

    Main Characters
    (This is not yet a complete list. Some minor characters may be missing.)

    Starlight Hodgens – The title Character, a child who will change everything
    Janice Heartmyer – Closest friend to Starlight
    Felicity “Lissty” Hodgens – Starlight’s Mother
    Keith Hodgens – Starlight’s Father
    Phil – Lissty’s workmate
    Barry Holden – Lissty’s workmate / a museum curator
    Haark Junli – Chancellor of the Court of the Federated Species Council, A member of the Preeacsil species
    Maria Carpenter – 34th Caretaker of the Union of Free Humanity. She holds office for multiple consecutive terms during the story
    Jonathon Murphy – Distant relative of Starlight, respected former “Tank Hero”
    Victoria – Jonathon’s wife
    Elissa Pitwater – Governess at the Starfall Orphanage
    The Matron – woman in charge of the abusive Contract Orphanage
    Jonah – the Matron’s husband, a hired guard for Starfall Resources Inc
    Alana Heartmyer – Janice’s Aunty
    Alex Heartmyer – Janice’s Uncle
    Annette Forbes-Smythe – CEO of LOCSA (Lunar Orbital Craft Safety Authority) a primary financier of Starfall Resources.
    Peta and Alice – room mates at the Union Academy, Twenty Sixes along with Janice and Starlight.
    Sara – Former room mate and academy student
    David Bourke – academy student, Sara’s boyfriend
    Andrew Jacobson – Archaeologist on Hades, student of the Heartmyers.
    Lisa – Barry Holden’s assistant