Blues of Deception (Working title)

The HRMS Deception, a colony ship which was discovered in Gaulphine space amid a complex web of intrigue (see the novel Armada’s Disciple) is now operating as the second gateway from human space, to the rest of the Federated Species Council territories.

Operating as the security chief on board, George, former bounty hunter, must call on the help of our heroes, Starlight Hodgens, captain of the Phoenix, and her crew, as well as Shae Jarzi, now the Deputy head of the FSC’s Federation Investigation Unit.

Something is not right in deep space, and George calls on his friends to help him find out what is really going on. Why are citizens of Deception disappearing? Why are so many of them falling prey to a strange psychosis? And what is the connection between the victims, and the mysterious blue moss that has been found in all their homes?

Just when you thought it was safe to venture out into the furthest reaches of human space, there comes a new horror, waiting in the colony ship of the ancients…

Coming some time this decade…

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