Starlight Hodgens

Starlight Hodgens stars in the novel Starlight, and also the novel Armada’s Disciple.

Starlight Concept Portrait
This is a conceptual charatcer image of Starlight, in early adulthood. (ie at the end of the novel)

Starlight is the lead character of the novel that bares her name.  At the opening of the novel, she is a 9 year old child. Any further information here may contain spoilers, so read on at your own risk!

Starlight loses her mother at an early age, and spends many years working towards her goal of dealing with those responsible. Starlight eventually becomes an agent of the Federated Species Council’s Federated Investigation Unit (FIU) after distinguishing herself during her investigation of the rogue company Starfall Resources.

Starlight graduated from the Union Academy Flight School, and went on to work undercover in the investigation against Starfall Resources while she searched for answers about her mother’s death.

At the conclusion of the novel Starlight, she is 19 years of age and a determined young woman with a promising future. Armada’s Disciple will take place some time later.

Starlight has many adventures ahead as she conducts many missions into the future for the FIU, along with her friends aboard the FIU ship Pheonix.





Starlight Hodgens stars in the novel Starlight, and also in the upcoming novel Armada’s Disciple.