Members of the FSC

Member Species of the FSC (Further Detail to be added at a later date.)
With Armada’s Disciple finally taking my readers beyond human space, it is time to introduce you to the twenty one species who are members of the Federated Species Council. Below I list them, and where a memorable character exists I will place them as an example. These all have existed since the writing of Suspended Earth, but until now only Haark Junli and some of the Banshick have featured strongly in any of the books. I do not include Nevermind’s echoes as they are not members of the FSC, though they do have some form of intelligence, working with the human colony on that planet. Eventually I hope to commission artwork depicting each species.

* Human – EG almost everyone!

* Preeacsil – EG Haark Junli,(Suspended Earth, Starlight, Armada’s Disciple),
Shae Jarzi (Armada’s Disciple)

* Luprian

* Gaulphine – EG Aulphone Pilchy (Armada’s Disciple)

* Strull – EG Ambassador Thorl (Armada’s Disciple)

* Banshick – EG Claarktch (Suspended Earth)
Kisch Phutaark (Suspended Earth)
Schlekfa Mhutarchis (Suspended Earth)
Klorkcha Motsherkhis (Armada’s Disciple)

* Figarin

* Argola

* Zurit

* Durjia

* Maesi

* Jeril

* Tryan

* Rymag

* Nasmus

* Sinkeng

* Kilpin

* Cana

* Roth

* Elsi

* Stracthi

More information will be added as I am able to do so.