Haark Junli

Haark Junli first appears briefly in Suspended Earth, then subsequently holds a major role in Starlight, and Armada’s Disciple.

Haark Junli is a Preeacsil, one of the twenty one species in the FSC.
He is also Chancellor of the FSC, which means he is a very high ranking official, one of the ruling council.
He holds a similar power on Preeacsil as Maria Carpenter (as the Caretaker) or Jake Newell (in the same role a century before Maria) holds on Earth.
He also is an overseer of FSC operations, performing diplomatic duties to ensure the independent states do not enter conflict.

In a first for the FSC, Haark Hunli also is the chief director of the FIU (Federation Investigation Unit) – A law enforcement and investigative body of the FSC government.

Haark Junli is instrumental in the rescue of Starlight Hodgens and Janice Heartmyer from the company orphanages run by Starfall Resources, and was known by those two as children by the pet name “Kind Red Man”, owing to his pleasant demeanor and full body red fur.

Given that he lives and is already working in an official capacity at the close of Suspended Earth, and is also very active in Starlight and Armada’s Disciple, we can conclude that in the time of the latter books, he is some way over a hundred Earth years old. The Preeacsil, being a long lived species, regularly achieve very long political careers.

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