Work in progress and other stuff

There is now a separate menu at the top of this site for ‘Works in Progress’.

At this point you will find there three pages, one each for Shades of Farthrow, Armada’s Disciple, and Children of Nevermind. Each page has a description of the book, Shades of Farthrow includes the current cover candidate. As they are released, the pages will naturally migrate to the Books menu and Book Shop pages, along with any additional information. As new books are titled and / or commenced, I will add them to the WIP menu.


Also much of the additional “forum content” I had posted at the old site in relation to the books has been added to their individual book pages in the comments areas. So don’t forget to read through the separate pages if you want to see some extra information. Over time, I will likely add more stuff there.


I book news, Starlight paper edit for the new edition is about half through, which will be followed by transferring those edits to the PC and then reproofing for the second round etc. The new edition should be a much more professional product. Not that the current one is bad, but you know how it is, as you practice your craft, you improve. I am doing as little actual textual changes as possible though.


Shades of Farthrow is finally into chapter six, hovering at around 19,000 words. Call it a third written maybe.  Happily it is all planned out so that is a promising situation at last. Also a new opening for Armada’s Disciple has been written, the already written short I had considered for that purpose fired from the task in favor of something much better.


Children of Nevermind is still pestering me from the background of course, but I have to finish something this year, so I am fighting the urge to write three books at once!


That’s today’s news. Keep your eyes peeled for new stuff as it shows up!





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