Stuff to do

When History Fractures, Heroes Rise has finally been fixed up for kindle. The paperback, kindle and kobo editions are now finally all up to date and good to go, with all three formats available. On kindle you can also now get Convict, the 10,300 word novelette from the collection, on its own for 99c.

Starlight is undergoing a re-edit in preparation for an upcoming second edition. When the second edition is ready, I will pull the first edition from print permanently. No point leaving it up if the 2nd is a better presented product. So if you spotted any nuisance glitches in there, feel free to let me know. I have probably already caught it, but I don’t mind if you tell me. Because if its one I haven’t got yet, you just might have stopped it from being missed! It is very close to a year since Starlight was released, and giving it this treatment in celebration seemed fitting and I hope it brings joy to a few of her fans! Starlight has been well received in the year since it’s release, and I hope a second edition will trigger more growth as word of the story spreads. I have had some contacts from surprising distances and unexpected places where readers have enjoyed the exploits of Starlight and Janice, so you can expect Armada’s Disciple to be started sometime (hopefully soon) when a gap in the writing schedule opens.

Meanwhile, Shades of Farthrow continues to slowly tick over, and hopefully will be moving into the fun parts again very soon.

Later guys!