Suspended Earth on Kobo

Hi everyone,

I have joined the hoards moving over to Kobo!

This will not change my existing distribution in any way, but I have watched with interest as Kobo e-readers grew and matured and it appears they are going to be a major competitor for Kindle well into the future. Since I know that they seem to be claiming a substantial foothold here in Australia, and the readers look to be a decent quality, I feel it would be unwise to ignore this growing segment of the market. All the readers out there who have gone the Kobo path when choosing an e-reader will soon have access to all my novels in the same way our Kindle sporting readers already do.

For now, Suspended Earth is available on kobo, and I will endeavour to arrange for the others to be released on that platform in coming weeks. Kobo uses the EPub format, favoured by many of the cheaper or small brand readers, so you hopefully will be able to access them if you have those as well. Kobo allows the use of DRM, as the kindle does. Given I have already had to tackle pirates in relation to copies of my novels being illegally sold without my permission, I have to fall in favour of this feature which has been noticeably absent from Smash-Words (the other major EPub distributor). I hope that Kobo implements a lending system like that which already exists on kindle so that the DRM does not stop you treating your EPubs just like you do your paperbacks, but provides protection against those who would devalue our work.

Of course I should be writing as well 🙂 I have multiple shorts now ready for magazine submission. I will post here if I do anything about that!

Till next time!

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