Latest exploits

Hi everyone.

I have just returned from a brief but frankly quite amazing holiday 🙂 Naturally not much writing was done while I was off gallivanting around the countryside recharging the batteries, but I did do some further work on Shades of Farthrow.

I hope to get this novel ready for release in coming months, and will keep you all posted. So much to do so little time!  Today is chill day as it is the anniversary of my birth, then tomorrow the day job beckons. But much writing is scheduled in for the coming weeks, with the plan to push back towards my self imposed schedule which is currently so far out of whack that the wackiest of wallops with a size 12 steel cap boot couldn’t help. Instead, a disciplined march of the pen (or the keyboard as the case may more accurately be) is in order, so watch this space and I will keep you informed as things progress.