The July update

Hi readers!

I Just thought I could use this five minute gap in my schedule to post a short update. While I have been away from home the last couple of weeks, I have still been ableto get some work done. “Longarm Severed” remains in the hands of my editors, and I hope to see it making significant movements soon. I am sure you will enjoy this story with a slightly different flavour! see the WIP page for more information.

Also, I have made a strong start on “Children of Nevermind”, the long awaited sequel to my novel “Dance of Nevermind” which has been proving quite popular among you, my readers. I hope to have “Children of Nevermind” ready for release by christmas, so watch this space!

While travelling, I have encountered some of you in person, which has been a lot of fun. I am grateful for all the nice things you readers have said to me, of the enjoyment you found in reading my work, and of your anticipation of future projects. It is wonderful to hear from you in this way and I hope I can continue to bring you the stories you most enjoy.

While this is not technically a working holiday, a writer is forever on the job, ever moreso thanks to the available technology. A change in scenery can inspire a great scene, or it can inspire something that does not make the cut. Hopefully the former is in the majority. I hope you will all enjoy the fruits of these labours when the time comes for my next book to be released into the world.

For now, it is back to the journey at hand, and I hope to bring you all along on a great new journey soon, when next you read one of my books!

Till next time,