The bigger picture

Lately, my writing time has been hampered by other things, but i still try to get a bit done here and there as much as possible. Of course, when real life interrupts my imaginings to the extent that writing becomes hampered, it becomes necessary to take a step back and see the bigger picture.

Sometimes, curious people ask me how I might do this. Well, one neat new way is to go to this link and watch the video feed for a while: or this one at NASA:

That link is to the live stream from a camera mounted on the outside of the international space station. Some of the breathtaking views that can be seen I find both inspiring, and humbling. The NASA site has the feed accompanied by a map to show where the station is right now.

It is a great way to set the mood for a bit of science fiction writing.

Check it out, if you want to see a great view of the earth from above. Be sure to read the notes on the site, explaining why you might be getting a black picture etc. Sometimes you will be looking at the night side of earth, and so see a black feed, which is beautiful in its own way.
Here’s a snap from earlier today: