The March Update

Hi everybody!

I am sure you will have noticed, if you stop by regularly, that I have not posted anything for a while. You know how that life thing can be sometimes.

Well, in spite of busy times, I have not been idle, and have in fact made some fairly significant progress on Longarm Severed. I hope to have it ready for a major editing round soon. This story has made some interesting transformations since I first embarked on the telling, and I think it is becoming something special in its own right, as it explores themes around what it is to be not yourself, without having the right to choose what and who you are.

Set in a prison environment, where the prison itself has the ability to modify you, where you are ostensibly free to wander in an immersive world yet not free to think and do as you would have done outside of the prison, this story takes us on a journey of lost memory, lost identity, and the question of how much we can lose before we are no longer ourselves, or indeed no longer human.

Longarm Severed will be available later this year, at which point I will be considering what project to work on next. Children of Nevermind is a likely candidate, but there are others clamoring for attention as usual.

I will of course post further updates here as things progress.