August update


This is just a quick update. Longarm Severed is done. Now, I am deciding what to do with it. I am considering whether to send it off to a publisher, or keep it indie. I will let you all know when I decide. Meanwhile, Children of Nevermind is on the desk, slowly being created. Hopefully, with Longarm Severed for the most part out of the way, Children of Nevermind will see some real progress soon.

Not much else to report, but things are indeed moving. Dance of Nevermind is the biggest seller this month, so that is real incentive to get plugging on Children of Nevermind. I hope that it lives up to the expectation of all the fans of Dance!

Anyway, I will post wen I know what I am doing about getting Longrm Severed out there.

Untill then, why not have a read?