The Ranger Trilogy

While Ice Rangers, book two of The Cinder Chronicles, undergoes the final throws of the production cycle, and my editor is hard at work ironing the MS out with all their best efforts, I have commenced writing for the third book in this series, Sand Rangers.

Sand Rangers will conclude a trilogy of Rangers books, but will not be the end of things for The Cinder Chronicles. Sand Rangers brings to a clsoe the trilogy, but not the story of the people of Cinder. As Sand Rangers reveals the final truth behind the rangers and their flames, as well as the truth of Cinder, the knowledge of how Cinder was created seven hundred years earlier spurs a new interest in what is “out there.”

This brings us to books four, five and six of The Cinder Chronicles, The Merchant Trilogy. Our heroes will be joining merchant caravans as they try to break through the ancient barriers which have for seven centuries kept the nation of Cinder isolated from the rest of the world. What will they find out there? Well, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves!

Ice rangers will be out soon, and Sand Rangers is underway. The truth of things, to be revealed in this third book, will I hope have fans of the series asking for more, and so, more will come!

Watch out for Ice Rangers, coming to Amazon, KOBO, paperback etc soon!