Here comes Cinder!

Hi everybody!

I know it’s unusual for me to have two blog entries so close together, but hey, I’m firing along with Ice Rangers, and wanted to share my excitement! This is of course the second installment in The Cinder Chronicles, part two of the first trilogy of the series.

My hope was to have it out by Christmas, but that of course depends on my editors’ (plural) timetables at this point, and may be delayed into the new year, but not far if it is. I will let you know soon a projected release date. The book itself has progressed nicely. I am very much enjoying this journey through a new area of the nation of Cinder, and I have enjoyed seeing Marni grow into a strong and major character in her own right as the final arc of this chapter in the story of Cinder unfolds.

The various talents the characters are learning, the growth in their abilities, and their experiences in exploring more of their world have all come together to create an experience I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed writing. Of course, it doesn’t stop there, with Sand Rangers to follow sometime in 2017. I know exactly where that book will take us, and I am sure you will all get a kick out of what is yet to come.

And then, in the longer term, of course I still have the Merchant Trilogy to come, with the skills and powers learned throughout the Rangers Trilogy becoming crucial and valuable aspects of the lives of our heroes. They will grow still further as they journey with the merchants into the perils of a world from which Cinder has remained isolated for seven centuries. With the truth behind that isolation which will finally be revealed in Sand Rangers, I hope they will discover many things about their world, and themselves, which will have you all turning pages for many books to come.

At any rate, I should end this post before I ramble away my writing time for the afternoon, and get back to polishing off Ice Rangers.

Take care!