The august update

Hi everybody!

I just wanted to post a quick update for you all, since some people have made contact wondering about a few things.

Well, I realise I have not posted a blog entry in a while. I’ve been a little preoccupied, what with getting married and a variety of other things I won’t bore you with right now. I am still focusing my energies on The Cinder Chronicles, after a great launch for book one, Flame Rangers, a few months back. It sold reasonably, in fact having the strongest launch week so far. It has had steady sales since the customary “cliff” so many people talk about with new releases, each week bringing a number of new fans to the series.

To each and every one of those fans, I say a heartfelt thank you, and assure you that book two, Ice Rangers, is progressing well and should be with you before Christmas this year. This series is already reaching into new markets, or as I prefer to say when not around any accountants, countries, where my science fiction has not broken, and doing quite well there. All those new readers are showing wonderful support. I have had a great deal of wonderful praise in feedback from around the world, which I am always thankful for. My plan at this stage is to complete Ice Rangers, and then Sand Rangers, before moving back to a couple of my long term SF projects, tidying up things with a third book in what will become “The Starlight Trilogy” (Starlight, Armada’s Disciple, The Blues of Deception,) completing the second Nevermind book, Children of Nevermind, and looking at breathing some life into “The Naradhan Trilogy,” which was showing a lot of promise a while ago and hopefully will finally see the light of day in 2018.

Following all that (unless my plans shift again, which based on past experience is a distinct possibility,) I will return to the tiny nation of Cinder, with a second trilogy following the Ranger Trilogy, which will be called “The Merchant Trilogy,” in which the rangers join traveling merchant caravans as they attempt to break the seven centuries of isolation, to leave Cinder and venture out into the rest of the world.

So yes, I have a lot of work to do. I hope you decide to follow along, because we certainly do have a great many adventures still to share!

So once again, thank you for reading. I hope you continue to do so. Don’t forget to check out the official site for The Cinder Chronicles at The Cinder Chronicles Dot Com.