Moving along

Here we are then. The temperatures are finally dropping, and in about a week, the first book of The Cinder Chronicles goes to market. Flame Rangers will hopefully warm things up a bit! This will be the first book in a trilogy, with books two and three (Ice Rangers and Sand Rangers) to follow. The plan at this time is for that to be followed by a second trilogy, currently in mind as “the merchant trilogy”. So it looks like The Cinder Chronicles is going to be on my desk for a while.

Not that I mind, I’m enjoying it a lot. This little nation of Cinder is capturing my imagination in a good way. But don’t worry if you are waiting on some Science Fiction, I will not be abandoning it. There is too much to be written yet for that to happen!

As the world on this side of the keyboard launches all its nuisances, like water heaters giving up the ghost, and cars doing stupid things, rest assured we are still full steam ahead on a may first release of Flame Rangers. Not only that, but the next installment is already underway.

So I should get away from this post and back to work, so you can all enjoy the tiny nation of Cinder with me in a week or so!