New Content on

Hi everyone. Just a heads up.
I have added content to the site, and in so doing I have modified the menus above. You will now see a separate menu for ‘The Universe’ which features information about places, species, and organisations. In there you can now find the history of the Banshick Armada, and information about the kinship system of the preeacsil.

I have also begun to add more character profiles. They aren’t much yet, but will grow. There are four there now, so have a read.

The old book shop has now morphed into the special deals page, and will contain any deals I set up from now on, so remember to keep checking it for any possible savings on my books!

This is all in addition to the changes I already mentioned, but this time its actual new content. I will continue to put up new stuff, so don’t forget to check back later!