More straightening up

General maintenance and site tidying.

You will see the “View Cart” has been added to the top of the side bar. This is so it is easier to navigate the site and add things, without having to hunt for the cart later if you want to remove something. Since moving away from a single book shop page and hosting the sale details on dedicated individual book pages, the view cart button on the Book Shop page became a hidden part of the shopping equation. Therefore I have placed it in plain sight where it will be accessible at all times. Any items you add to cart from any page on this site will be in that same cart, so you can click the view cart, and in there remove items, or proceed to checkout, or just go “oh right, that was what was in there” and hit continue shopping. Continue shopping or cancel always takes you back to the front page.

In further tidying, I have made significant changes to the book shop page. It will remain, for the purpose of showing any special offers and may be renamed later because of this. Aside from that it will simply list links to the book pages.

I also updated the front page a little, since this site is not really a new site anymore.