Iron Johnstone and Naradhan the Silent

Some of you will be aware that for some time there has been a work listed in my works in progress section titled “The Chronicles of Iron Johnstone”.

That work has now officially been dropped. Instead, the life of Iron Johnstone will eventually be told through the story of a dangerous and mysterious villain, Naradhan the Silent. Naradhan is envisioned as a trilogy of novels, though this is subject to change. The first, Naradhan the silent, followed by Naradhan the Hunter, and finally Naradhan the Rebel. These are working titles only, and may change as the work progresses. The trilogy may be shortened if I do not find enough “meat on the bones” of this villain’s world.

I will list these in the work in progress section as “The Naradhan Trilogy,” but as each book becomes available it will be listed individually in the books section of this web site.

There is still the possibility of a picture book in the style I envisioned for chronicles, but I can not make any promises of it ever coming about. All three novels in the trilogy would occur before the events of “Failing Calamity”, my short story starring Ian ‘Iron’ Johnstone, which is already available in the kindle store.

As for the villain, Naradhan – Who is he? Well, watch this space and you may soon find out! Suffice to say that he is dark, murderous, determined, and incredibly patient. He does not suffer in the same way from the ravages of time that his human victims face, but at the same time, it is questionable if he even lives as they do. His very existence is denied by governments and law makers, and his future is dependent on one thing: He must kill to survive. When his prey eludes him, he must never give up the chase, until that prey has been defeated. He is a traveller, and the travellers are the bogey men of space, the terrifying tales told to children and never believed. They are scary, whispered of in hushed tones on the space lines, and are said to stalk their prey sometimes for decades. They are an item of fiction and make believe, but they are devastatingly real when they catch you. Few survive to tell of these encounters.

Watch for the Naradhan Trilogy, coming soon.