You have to love your editors

This topic is a great excuse to try posting from my tablet for the first time. Let’s see how the typing goes lol. I witnessed some editor sledging recently and thought it sad.

How do you treat your editor? We all know of a time somebody may have reacted badly to criticism. If what your editor says is bad enough for that, perhaps you need to listen harder. Your editor is there to help, and has an interest in seeing you succeed.

Whatever a true editor tells you, it should be seen as constructive. They are professionals, not trolls or scammers. (Though i admit there are some of those who claim to be editors). Your editor is tasked with seeking ways to improve your book, not ‘simply proof reading’.

The thing is, even if it is tiny things to tweak, it all helps you make the book better. If you have to argue with your editors, by all means do so, but when they speak, always listen. Listen closely, listen properly, and listen well. Then, if you assess the merit of their words and don’t believe the input works for your vision, ignore it. But usually there is a gem at its heart that is something your closeness to the work would not let you see.

You almost have to love your editors, even if it means loving to hate them. They are the ones who are standing in pit lane with the cleaning rag, who are hoping to make that car shiny and appealing above and beyond simply being a vehicle to display your driving prowess.

You don’t have to agree with them, you don’t have to worship them, you don’t have to feel they have a greater knowledge than you. Regardless of what kind of expertise your editor has, regardless of whether you love or loath their work, and their input, regardless of whether you are receiving a weaker effort from an inexperienced intern or are getting top shelf from a modern day Dickens, There is one thing you must always do for your editors.

Value them and appreciate them.

Without them, god knows what you might end up with. Learn from them. Learn from their input. If the input is not great, learn from their mistakes. You will both grow as professionals if you can achieve a working relationship where this is the case. Is your editor not good enough? Help them to be better, it’s what they would do for you.

We all have too much to lose by fighting with our greatest assets. An editor can make you look great if you let them. They need your help to make you look bad.

Thank your editor today.

By the way, i think it is quicker to find the laptop and post from that after all!