The World Did Not End

Well, as the title says. The much hyped “Mayan Prophecy” was wrong. You know the one? That thing the Mayans never said about the end of the world coming in 2012? Yes, the world is still here, as evidenced by you reading this post Christmas blog post.

Regardless, I hope you all had a great festive season, whatever form yours takes. Very soon, it will tick over to 2013, and just as happened when the Mayan calender ticked over it’s last day, the date will reset to the first day in the cycle, that hungover gem of the 365 day selection, January first.

So what are your plans for 2013? I know mine are ambitious, and I know that financial considerations can often hamper such things. But all things going to schedule, I hope to manage at least two novels, and if a miracle occurs, perhaps even a third. Now, I am kind of cheating since Armadas Disciple is half finished already, and Children of Nevermind is also somewhat nutted out. I also have those vague, variable notions for the plan of Longarm Severed and The Chronicles of Iron Johnstone already in mind as well. So it’s not like I need to begin three novels from nothing. I recognise that three would be ambitious though, and will happily settle for two – those two being Armada’s Disciple and most likely Children of Nevermind.

Recent weeks have seen limited writing and of course monetary expenditure beyond what was perhaps wise, but that is nothing unusual I believe. My household has grown by one feline and one female, which also may have some impact, though trust me when I say that impact is not negative. Everybody needs a muse.

So I probably should stop writing this blog post and go write a few pages of Armada’s Disciple. You know, kind of get a head start on that whole 2013 plan. I lost what may have been the best six pages of the book to a backup malfunction recently. I best get on with it so that the lost pages can be reborn even better.

Initial beta responses to the opening 9 chapters of Armada’s Disciple have been rather positive, and the introduction of some exciting new characters along with the return of some old favourites is working well to date. At least, I am having fun with it and isn’t that half the struggle? If you have fun as a writer, chances are the reader will have some fun as well.

And what can you look forward to in Armada’s Disciple? How about meeting Haark Junli’s daughter? Visiting several planets within the FSC beyond human space, including the preeacsil home world and several locations in gaulphine space, Shae Jarzi will prove invaluable to the team. You will encounter members of several species, including the gaulphi through the character of Aulphone Pilchy – a prominent lawman of that water bound species, the officious Strull, and of course the banshick and some of their home planet’s other less formidable but perhaps equally disturbing denizens.

Investigating a puzzling and potentially dangerous discovery, Starlight Hodgens and Janice Heartmyer will work with their team to uncover an insidious plot intended to spark a war like none ever seen in the galaxy before. If they fail, and the word of that discovery gets out too soon, the resulting war could spell the end of everything that the human race has fought for. Can the political manipulations of a murderous maniac be stopped before it is too late? Can they find the identity of the enemy in time to stop them?

And what of Children of Nevermind? You will have to wait, as I have no intention of spilling the beans too soon on that one.

Enjoy your celebration of the coming of 2013, whatever it is you choose to do, and I hope you continue to visit and enjoy my work once the dust settles and the results of the celebration are finished with.

A toast to 2013. May it bring you dreams fulfilled.