Shorts and Possibilities

Hi everybody. For those who do not already know, my 8,000 word short story ‘Failing Calamity’ is out now on kindle.
You can get it here: Failing Calamity on Kindle

For the moment it is only on kindle, but I may migrate it to kobo as well later. I was pondering whether to get a collection together in time, but in reflection, I think something really cool would be to expand on the life of Ian ‘Iron’ Johnstone, the protagonist of Failing Calamity.

That got me to thinking about possibilities. I could launch into a novel form of calamity, or write a sequel of him clearing his name, or any number of things. It occurred to me that many great novels (and not to mention films) have been fleshed out versions of previously released short stories. Failing Calamity has the potential to go a number of ways. The way that is currently appealing to me is in an illustrated form, accompanied by a number of other stories set both before and after calamity as a kind of saga of Iron’s life. I have a title, which I quite like, but the trouble is I have so many projects to work on first! Even so, I think a larger work featuring this character is on the cards, probably 2014 or 2015 at the earliest, unless inspiration strikes me sooner. The potential is there and I will not be ignoring it.

So how about you? Do you have any short stories you have written? Do they present you with any opportunities for greater work based on them? Think about that one for a while. You might get a pleasant surprise when suddenly a new project emerges.