Selected ebooks reduced 25%!

For a limited time, I have reduced the ebook pricing of my novels which were at $3.99 to $2.99.

The titles reduced are Starlight, Dance of Nevermind, Shades of Farthrow, and Armada’s Disciple. Grab them while they’re hot! Can’t see a link? Click the title at the top of this website so that it returns you to the front page, then look at the table where all those pretty covers are displayed.

The new pricing should take effect on both the Kobo and Kindle stores shortly. Note that other titles including Suspended Earth, When History Fractures, Convict and Failing Calamity are all unchanged, as they were at or below the $2.99 price point already.

#note: the 25% is ‘approximate’, as I am aware that $1 is not exactly 25% of $3.99. The fraction difference is rounded for the sake of simplicity. Sad that I need to say it…