Progress Update

A few little things, not a huge post right now:

Starlight in it’s second edition form is now on Kindle and Kobo, the paperback is not yet updated.

Shades of Farthrow  is around half way done. I am “taking a day job break” at the moment, and hopefully can utilise some of this time to get it done. Might as well use my time while I am not getting paid to do something that might earn something one day right?

All four of my currently released books are now on Kobo, so for those with readers other than Kindle, you should be able to source the ebooks there. I will get the Kobo links into the book pages soon. Link to the list: Link to the M R Mortimer search results on Kobo

I’ll be back with a more interesting blog post later 🙂

Till then, happy reading!