New Editions!

There are the first two of a planned range of new print editions of my back catalog set for release soon. To start with, a new Amenti Books edition of Longarm Severed will soon be released, and also a beautiful, fabric wrapped, embossed hardcover with dust jacket omnibus of The Cinder Chronicles! As the new editions become available, I will announce them here. The hard cover omnibus will likely be followed by a paperback version, as hardcovers aren’t cheap, but that will be a bit of a wait. Over time I hope that most of the back catalog will be reformatted to these new US trade 6×9 formatted editions under the Amenti Books imprint.

Personally, I’m fond of the new Longarm Severed artwork, with it’s lizard skin like pixel effect. I prefer it to the original prison bars and trees cover.

These two should be released before the end of the year. For now, here are some cover images as a teaser:
(That omnibus image is poorly cropped, I’ll prepare a better one later.)