Cinder Chronicles – Book 1 – coming soon

Well, this has been a long while coming, but finally I am preparing a Fantasy novel for release soon! For that reason, you will notice the site has been modified slightly, to now include an SF books menu, and a Fantasy books menu. Of course, Heroes, having short stories of both genres in its collection, now appears in both menus.

This will be the first in a series, titled “The Cinder Chronicles“.

You can find more information through the menus above, or at the official Cinder page.


I hope you are as excited as I am, and will enjoy this adventure with me.

From the official page:

This is a series set in a world where individuals known as flame wielders are born with the ability to create and control fire. Some flames are strong and dangerous, others are subtle and controllable, all are mighty in trained hands.

Cinder is a small country, isolated from the world by its geography, with a mysterious past that one day may explain the peculiar nature of the land.

The Ranger Academy, an organisation dedicated to the training and recruitment of flame wielders, rules over Cinder with a mild hand, allowing much of the population to govern themselves. That is, until a despot rises and threatens the peace of the nation. At such a time, the Rangers are swift, and without mercy.

The first novel in this series, titled Flame Rangers, is set for release in 2016, with two sequels in planning so far.